Program Evaluation will help you learn from your work and maximize your impact. However, you may not know where to start. Let us help you! We can walk you through our evaluation process and make sure you collect useful data. We'll help your nonprofit refine its goals, collect data to understand if you are achieving those goals, and think strategically about how to best move forward. 


Considering Context

Evaluation Planning

Data Collection & Analysis 

Sense Making



We begin with a conversation to better understand your nonprofit’s needs. This allows us to tailor our process so that it is most useful to you. Below is a description of that process:

Clarifying your program’s context is an essential first step. We’ll work together to develop a profile describing your work enabling us to collect meaningful data. Together we'll:

  • Describe your program and the setting it lives in. 

  • Outline how your activities lead to outcomes.

  • Identify your stakeholders and their priorities. 

We’ll develop an evaluation plan to collect useful data by clarifying your purpose, considering your context, and developing evaluation questions. We will:

  • Determine the purpose of your evaluation.

  • Identify what is most important to learn.

  • Select the best methods to collect information.

We’ll collect data that is meaningful by aligning methods with your context, purpose, and evaluation questions. We will: 

  • Collect information to answer your evaluation questions.

  • Review data to ensure you’re on the right path.

  • Summarize your data to facilitate interpertation. 

Reviewing data with stakeholders is key for organizational learning.

We’ll give stakeholders the opportunity to provide contextual details, possible interpretations, and ideas on how to move forward. We will: 

  • Gather key stakeholders to interpret findings.

  • Discuss what results mean to your work.

  • Select next-steps & decisions based on findings.

Let’s develop a plan to share evaluation results and identify next steps. Ensure that your findings are shared in a meaningful way by following through with lessons learned. Together we'll: 

  • Share findings with others.

  • Plan follow through & decisions-making.

  • Assistance incorporating evaluation into your process.​