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Theory of Change Template (Simple Steps for Nonprofits)

Developing a theory of Change (TOC) is one of the best ways to start collecting useful and meaningful data (e.g., outcome data). It’s also a great capacity building activity or learning tool. For example, by developing a TOC you and your team will not only build your Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) muscles, but also your program planning muscles because it forces you to consider how your activities are interconnected with your outcomes. Before any analytics, evaluators will often have you develop a TOC or a logic model. I’ve done this myself with the education programs I’ve worked with. Regardless of the sort of evaluation you’re interested in (e.g., developmental evaluation, impact evaluation, formative evaluation, summative evaluation, etc) it’s often the first step of any initiative or program evaluation process. #ConnectingEvidence #TheoryOfChange #TOC

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