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Nonprofit Data Adjustments to COVID-19

Nonprofit Data Adjustments to COVID-19 - Managing the impact of COVID-19 on nonprofits and coalitions can be challenging to say the least. It’s hard to figure out what your nonprofit needs to know given all the change happening right now. In this video, I provide tips on data strategy adjustments you can make during this time as you're figuring out how your nonprofit can cope with the current crisis. Although data may not be the top priority, data-driven nonprofits can still use data to make better decisions and make strategic adjustments. In this video, I will provide nonprofit resources and advice for nonprofit organizations. For example, I make suggestions on how you may change your evaluation process. I also talk about the role of developmental evaluation and systems thinking during a crisis. Plus, I suggest nonprofit partnerships related to data so that you and others can make strategic decisions. Nonprofit management is hard right now and your focus may be on other things. However, the changes you make now may ultimately increase your evaluation capacity, and therefore be part of your long term nonprofit capacity-building strategies.

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